Balance Personal Finance App Icon: 3 plastic cards stacked on top of each other
Balance Personal Finance App Icon: 3 plastic cards stacked on top of each other
Personal finance and budgeting app with a clean and easy-to-use interface optimized for fast expense recording.
Screenshots of the Balance app running on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Vision Pro
All Accounts
Keep financial records for all accounts in one place. Your data will sync automatically via iCloud.
Thoughtful Design
Clean and easy-to-use interface designed for quick expense recording. Buttons located at the bottom of the screen, swipe gestures, and suggestions allow effortless on-the-go transaction recording.
Detailed Reports
Create highly customizable reports to get insight on what your money is being spent on and what you can optimize.
Much More

iCloud Sync

Use Balance on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Vision Pro. Your data will sync automatically via iCloud, no need to create additional accounts.


We don't collect or store your personal data. There are no 1st/3rd party analytics frameworks used.

CSV Support

Own your data. Export all created transactions in open CSV format or import CSV files created in other apps.


Use budgets to control spendings in particular categories, tags or accounts.

Scheduled Transactions

Create scheduled and recurring transactions to avoid missing a payment.

Advanced Search

Quickly filter existing transactions based on type, amount, payees, categories or tags without the need to create detailed reports.


Reconcile transactions easily with filters, batch editing, and running balance support.

Different Currencies

All fiat and crypto currencies are supported. Create transfers between different currency accounts, or log expense and income transactions with currency conversions.

Siri Shortcuts

Create automations to add transactions or view existing data with the help of advanced Siri Shortcuts support.

Automatic Backups

Don't worry about your data, automatic backups in CSV format could be created regularly so you can always restore from them if needed.

App Lock

Prevent access to the app using FaceID, TouchID, OpticID, or a passcode.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use hardware keyboard to quickly navigate, select suggestions, and save transactions.